Session Theme:  How to Move in the Holy Spirit

Start date:  February 2017
Cost:  $950 USD (cost includes a trip to Kansas City and books)
Airfare:  Responsibility of intern
Food/lodging: Responsibility of intern — for international students, we will make every effort to provide a family to stay with for minimal cost.

Pastors Gary Fox and Tom Weadick have great experience both moving in the Holy Spirit personally and equipping others to exercise the gifts of the Spirit, in a church setting and in normal life.  Besides training, there will be weekly local missions to put into practice what’s been learned in the classroom.  The schedule will accommodate daytime work or schooling. Our desire is to see each person integrate the Holy Spirit into their life in a naturally supernatural way!  


The information above is for the 3 month post graduate program.  For more information contact us by clicking the button below or applying above.