Session Theme: 1.Grace empowered living. 2. Diversity in Multicultural Ministry.

Location:Melbourne, Australia
Cost: $2500.00 to 2750.00 USD (includes food, lodging, and transport)
Airfare: Responsibility of intern

We will learn about what it truly means to have Jesus as the centre and what is required for an individual living under this new covenant of God’s grace. Established with Jesus as the true centre of our lives, we will look into how He brought the love of God to a hurting world and how we practically can do likewise through a Holy Spirit led life. Empowered by the grace of God, individuals will have the incredible opportunity of practically serving in our multicultural local church where we serve a diverse range of multiple individuals and families in the local community on a day to day basis. This will involve serving as a part of our food relief centre, community services programs and evangelism.     


The information above is for the 3 month post graduate program.  For more information contact us by clicking the button below or applying above.