Converging events

The church

The church has a profoundly divine constitution and purpose.  The time has come for it to ascend to this reality and responsibility.

Critical mass

Church models and systems, while accomplishing great results, are challenged and stretched to the breaking point by the sheer enormity of unreached humanity with its desperate needs. Church leadership and congregants are struggling under severe pressure from church hurt, unmet expectations, the need to perform and burnout.   

World trends

A super-energized, fast-changing world has brought both positive and negative challenges for the church today.

Population Growth

World population is at 7.49 billion and climbing. There are just under 300 people born every minute. There are 690 Million born again Christians, just under 10% of the world population. There are 2 people born again every minute. We must do what it takes to not allow population growth to outpace church growth.


Personal and corporate responsibility

One in ten

Based on the data, there is just under one Christian for every ten people. Not bad odds. Most people know and connect with at least that many people in their daily lives. As the church, we have a window of opportunity right now to change the world. The key to the future growth of the church is in the “One”.  Everyone has to be awakened and mobilized. Each one of those nine non-Christians can and must be reached. The church has to become the church where they live and work.

Saved and called

Salvation is for us and doing His will is for Him.  2 Tim 1:9 “...Who has saved us and called us with a holy calling..” He has not only called us unto himself, but also, to accomplish His purposes.  We live out our salvation each moment of the day.  This calling should be applied and lived out every moment of the day too.

New model or remodel?

Change is coming.  For us to mobilize the church, we have to change the way we do things. We must reconstruct systems and support around people’s everyday lives; where they already have connections, community, relationships, family, resources and instant, natural empathy and passion. Let’s flip the church over onto its right side!


first steps


1. As New Life Movement, our aim is to share this vision and passion to pastors, leaders and churches throughout the world.

2. To get alongside leaders and help them think spiritually and creatively about ways to engage with, excite and activate the “sleeping giant”:  the church.

3. To help formulate and reconstruct programs/systems that equip, empower and  fuel the church where we live, work and play.

4. Conduct pastor and leadership summit's to recruit churches from every corner of the globe  to partner in a global awakening.

5. Work toward a global awakening of churches throughout the world culminating in 2019 and a global harvest in 2020  through mass advertising and raising funds for these events while securing maximum participation.